Consider the return on investment …

  • Improve operating efficiency
  • Improve organizational awarness
  • Reduce organizational risk
  • Improve reliability and integrity of critical information
  • Improve safeguarding of assets
  • Reduce latent organizational deficiencies and human drift
  • Reduce audit preparation resource hours
  • Reduce/eliminate violations and penalties
  • Increase compliance certainty
  • Have smaller compliance engagements
  • Improve grid reliability
  • Cost savings, profit, and growth


“The only alternative to risk management is crisis management — and crisis management is much more expensive, time consuming and embarrassing.”

James Lam | Enterprise Risk Management | Wiley Finance

“If you want to work with someone who demonstrates not only mastery of their core disciplines, but also embraces intelligent and creative principle based approaches to problem solving and strategy – Earl is your guy.  I have worked closely with him at 2 of my companies and benefited immensely from his deep industry domain knowledge, his dedication, entrepreneurship, and the real results he achieved for my company.  I would highly recommend him as a regulatory strategy consultant, business coach and industry expert.  He has been one of my most valuable consulting experts I have worked with.”

Rich Sootkoos

Entrepreneur & Former CEO

“Crisis defines a company – an organization’s reputation hinges on its weakest vulnerabilities and its ability to manage those vulnerabilities.”

Earl Shockley | Testimony, Califorina State Senate - 2011 SW Blackout Investigation

“Earl has distinguished himself as a conscientious and energetic pioneer in the fields of energy, leadership, and management. I have enormous respect for his investigative and root-cause analysis skills, and have been pleased to work with him while I was at SERC. I have also enjoyed Earl’s NERC training classes on investigation methodology and human performance fundamentals. I highly recommend Earl”.

Mickey Bellard

Director Regulatory Compliance

“I highly recommend Earl. During my time on the same team as him, I was impressed by his leadership style and work ethic. He was an excellent resource to me, possessing thorough knowledge of NERC regulations. I found him to be ethical, patient and diligent. He possessed the highest level of professionalism during formal and informal interactions with the client. He exceeded expectations per the client’s needs”.

Kimberly Mantia

Vice President