In today’s fast paced utility environment, one where resources are limited or hard to find, its more than likely that work responsibilities grow beyond the resource capabilities.   I often hear that organizations do not have the necessary horsepower to focus on all the important things on the table.  Like it or not, stress in the business world can carry over into our personal lives.  One of the most valuable consulting feedback sessions I have received did not come directly from the client, and it turns out, it was something more important than the business problems I helped the client solve. 

Shortly after a scheduled consulting gig was completed, I ran into the client at an industry workshop happy hour.  He was there with his wife, and after brief introductions, they invited me to dinner.  After we found a nice restaurant and settled in over appetizers, his wife told me she was very pleased to meet the guy who helped bring back her “Happy Go-lucky Husband”.  She explained how her husband was a workhorse and often wore several hats of responsibility at work, he was held accountable for several things beyond the expertise of him and his staff.  By working closely with him to solve the burring issues at work – there was an un-expected personal return on investment.   To me, the engagement was right down my alley of expertise, and given my experience as an ex-regulator who led or participated on approximately 100 compliance and enforcement engagements, I had a domain of organizational best practices to pull from.  I was confident I would be able to structure the engagement with training, problem solving, and appropriate methods and workflows to bring clarity to the issues and bring business value to the client.  However, I did not consider that leveraging the things that had become second nature to me would be a formula to lower someone’s blood pressure.  From this conversation, and encouragement to have a “call and expert” service for those who did not have the budget for a full consulting engagement, I am pleased to offer the following:

inPOWERd is pleased to offer clients an inexpensive monthly expert retainer package.  The package includes advisory service support phone calls and meetings and is designed for clients who have burning questions, lingering issues, and the need for advisory expertise outside of a full consulting engagement.  The purpose of this service is to be a readily available expert to assist and support a client during the development or implementation of key projects and initiatives. Accessible anytime, anywhere and created with the understanding that clients have important smaller problems to solve, but do not have the budget or the need for a full consulting engagement.  This service is a responsive and flexible design to help you work smarter.

If you have need for an on-call expert, and If this service is something that interests you, I would value a conversation how inPOWERd can bring value to your business and personal life.



Earl Shockley is the President and Founder of inPOWERd LLC.  He is the developer of “Intelligent Empowerment” (InPOWERd©) principles and a Cultural Maturity Scale (CMS) system/framework that aligns people, processes and management practices to maximize organizational potential and better achieve strategic objectives.  Earl is also a former senior executive with NERC. Earl was instrumental in NERC’s shift from a “zero defect” compliance and enforcement approach to one that focuses on an organizations inherent risk and ability to manage reliability risk with internal control systems.  Earl is a sought after public speaker and expert witness on complex issues involving regulatory compliance, organizational culture change, risk management, internal risk control systems, and event causal analysis.