There has been a lot angst, discussion, and Scuttlebutt (Navy term) since NERC levied the largest and most significant CIP regulatory fine.  10M dollars sure got the attention of the energy industry. Since the announcement, I received many calls from the media, regulators, clients and curious industry people seeking my input on the issue.

In response, I have written a short article that summarizes my thoughts and provides four-key principles that will help your organization avoid the same pitfalls outlined in NERC findings and strengthen your Compliance Programs capability for success. I captured these principles during my days as a regulator when I had the golden opportunity to look closely at the success factors of organizations and the dysfunctions that contributed to those who fell short.  I have helped clients implement these principles to successfully strengthen and bring value to the Compliance Program.

I hope you find the article of value. You can find the article @