Podcast - How it started, where it's going: 20 years of NERC CIP - Patrick Miller and Earl Shockley


Earl Shockley

Two key people who helped start NERC CIP 20 years ago talk about how and why it came together, and where it could go next. Patrick C. Miller, one of the first NERC CIP auditors in the country, and Earl Shockley, a former executive at NERC, talk about this momentous regulation that changed the electric sector cybersecurity landscape forever.

How it started, where it's going: 20 years of NERC CIP — Ampere Industrial Security (amperesec.com)

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Earl Shockley

Earl Shockley

President and Founder of INPOWERD


Short Bio

Earl is a former senior executive with NERC. He is the developer of “Intelligent Empowerment” principles and a Cultural Maturity Scale (CMS) system/framework that aligns people, processes and management practices to maximize organizational potential and better achieve strategic objectives. At NERC, Earl was instrumental in NERC’s shift from a “zero defect” compliance and enforcement approach to one that focuses on an organizations inherent risk and ability to manage reliability risk with internal control systems. Public speaker and expert witness on complex issues involving regulatory compliance, organizational culture change, risk management, internal risk control systems, and event causal analysis.

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