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InPOWERd LLC is a consulting/services firm that answers the highly dynamic, changing needs of our clients with strategic consulting based on decades of demonstrable expertise. Our consulting can mobilize the right people, skills and technologies to help organizations align people, processes and management practices to maximize potential and better achieve strategic objectives.

inPOWERd LLC a verified Veteran Owned Small Business (VOSB) with a unique blend of technical, business and regulatory experience, inPOWERd LLC is committed to excellence and creating innovated and flexible solutions for our clients. Our team of regulatory, technical and cybersecurity experts is stratified above the competition. inPOWERD LLC provides strategic consulting services to private, commercial, not for profit and government (State and Federal) organizations and has served clients across the United States and Canada.


InPOWERd LLC is dedicated to improving the customer’s condition by building trust, exhibiting accountability and providing excellent customer service.


To ensure the clients core business needs are met and bring value to the client’s condition.


Earl Shockley is President, Founder and Chief Manager of inPOWERd LLC.  He is a decisive, action-oriented, senior executive with a unique blend of Business, regulatory, and technical expertise. Earl is the developer of “Intelligent EmPOWERment” (InPOWERd ©) principles and a Cultural Maturity Scale (CMS) system/framework that aligns people, processes and management practices to maximize organizational potential and better achieve strategic objectives. Earl also developed a business “Ethical Decision Making Model” used by professors at the University of Tennessee Chattanooga.

Earl is a sought after strategic consultant, solution architect, public speaker, and expert witness on complex issues like regulatory compliance, risk management, organizational culture change, power grid operations and cybersecurity. Earl is the author of many formal reports, whitepapers, and publications including a series of short articles on organizational culture and regulatory compliance entitled “Perspective of an Ex-Regulator” which has appeared in publications like Electric Light and Power Magazine.

Earl has 40 years in the electric utility industry and spent 8 years as a regulator directing business unit start-ups and operational sustainability of the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) programs. His leadership was key in the development and deployment of many of the NERC and regional programs. Earl was instrumental in the shift from the “zero-defect” compliance and enforcement approach to one that focuses on a company’s inherent risk and ability to manage reliability risk with associated internal risk control programs.

Earl is a highly experienced ex-regulator who led or participated on over 100 of Electric Reliability Organization (ERO) compliance and enforcement related engagements.  He also led many NERC analytical and investigative efforts, including the FERC/NERC Inquiry & Investigation of the September 8, 2011, Arizona-California Blackout, the joint FERC/NERC Compliance Investigation of the February 2008 Florida Blackout, and the  FERC/NERC inquiries of the February 2011 Southwest Cold Snap event and October 2011 Northeast Snow Storm event.


  • Masters Degree, Engineering Management – University of Tennessee Chattanooga, Chattanooga TN
  • Bachelor Degree, Business Administration and Organizational Management – Bryan College, Dayton TN


  • Certified Level 3 Investigator – Accident Investigation & Root Cause Analysis (2005 – present)
  • Certified Techinical Instructor / Facilitator (2005 – present)
  • NERC Certified System Operator, Reliability (1998 – 2012)
  • WSCC Certified System Operator – (1998 – 2001)                                                                  


  • Personal and Professional Integrity – Inpowerd holds to principles of Trust, Accountability, and Service. We represent our capabilities honestly. We observe appropriate confidentiality of client information. We do not misrepresent our purposes in seeking information. We only make promises we can keep. We deliver outstanding work that meets personal and client standards.
  • Clients Come First – We measure our success by our clients’ success. We make our resources available to our clients and commit ourselves wholeheartedly to their success. We seek to identify our clients’ real needs, not just deliver good work. In trade-offs between InPOWERd and a client’s interest, the client comes first.
  • Value Delivered – We are committed to creating value for our clients that delivers a return on their investment. We deliver tangible and positive change, not simply presentations or ideas. We strive to deliver value throughout all phases of the consulting engagement. Sharing of many years of benchmarking and knowledge domain are secondary forms of adding value. if learning occurs, mindsets change, or different decisions ensue. Our work must lead directly to clients taking action and executing their business in new ways.
  • Openness and Honest Communication – Clear, concise language is how we communicate. Honest and open communication helps set clearer goals and smoother paths to success. InPOWERd believes in full transparency. Client communication plans ensure that InPOWERd staff communicates with the right audiences at the right time.
  • Continuous Improvement – always raise the bar; deliver innovated solutions, enhance quality and sustainability and never be satisfied with the status quo. During action planning, clients and InPOWERd are exploring new ideas, reviewing alternative ways to proceed, or designing interventions into the existing system for continuous improvement.
  • Satisfaction Guarantee: InPOWERd fees are based on the client’s unconditional satisfaction: If you do not feel full value was received, you can decide how much value you received and pay only that or nothing at all.
  • Availability guarantee: Inpowerd guarantees the customer a pre-defined level of availability for the Services provided.
  • Guaranteed total costs of ownership (TCO): The customer receives a guarantee that all training modules, Inpowerd templates, spreadsheets and tools remain with the customer at no additional cost.

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