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Having trusted strategic relationships and common goal business advocates, strengths a business’s ability to provide clients integrated diversity around problem solving. The following partners represent trusted relationships with businesses where each party possesses expertise that benefits and enhances our ability to serve client’s needs.

Youtech Inc

Youtech Inc. is the U.S. division of UNITECH Power Technology Company, Ltd. UNITECH is a global technology company focused on enterprise safety and human error prevention. UNITECH is shaping the future of safe power grid operation with a patented Smart Interlocking System (SIS) that drastically reduces switching errors on the electric power grid. UNITECH products and services have been widely used in more than 20,000 power plants and substations throughout China and UNITECH is the dominant player in the interlock market with over 50% market share. UNITECH serves as a key power industry resource for research, development, and power automation services worldwide. SIS has been successfully used in key power supply projects at the Beijing Olympics in 2008 and the Three Gorges Dam, the world’s largest hydroelectric plant.


SigmaFlow’s is an industry leading NERC Compliance Manger Software Platform. SigmaFlow is used by a diverse portfolio of customers with low, medium and high impact ratings subject to NERC CIP & 693 standards. SigmaFlow’s software solutions can be integrated with other systems such as cyber asset monitoring tools or SCADA systems to provide compliance data validation and controls. SigmaFlow helps utilities mitigate the risks associated with Compliance Management, whether evidence management, RSAW preparation or managing compliance tasks.  SigmaFlow Compliance Manager is a solution that collects and structures evidence for NERC compliance in a real-time repository, managing all documents, data, and work activities for ease of retrieval.

Veracity Industrial Networks

Veracity Industrial Networks, a leading developer of next-generation Operational Technology (OT) network cybersecurity for the industrial internet. Veracity is part of a three-company team tapped by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) to develop a secure networking solution that reduces cyberattacks against U.S. industrial and utility networks.

Cresco Group

Cresco Group is a Chattanooga, TN, based business and consumer integration and marketing company that provides an array of consulting and marketing services to business, non-profit, and governmental organizations. Cresco Group specializes in consumer integration, operations optimization, and marketing. After studying your current and potential customer base as well as the needs of your organization, Cresco Group seeks to provide a comprehensive set of services and solutions that will add value and create a strong foundation for future growth.

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