Strategic Solutions that Improve your Return on Investment

NERC Compliance. Risk Management. Strategic Consulting.

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Strategic Solutions that reduce NERC Regulatory Complexity

NERC Compliance. Risk Management. Strategic Consulting.

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Strategic Solutions that reduce Operational and Security Risks

NERC Compliance. Risk Management. Strategic Consulting.

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Simplifying complexity around NERC regulation is a strong competitive advantage for your company. Understanding nuances of regulatory requirements allows you to focus on the strategic objectives that truly matter and drive sustainability of your organization.

“The simpler we can make things, the more understanding and beliefs our teams will have which will help improve their efficiency and effectiveness which generate better results.” - Gordon Tredgold

The only alternative to risk management is crisis management --- and crisis management is much more expensive, time consuming and embarrassing.   James Lam, Enterprise Risk Management, Wiley Finance © 2003

NERC 693/O&P Bootcamp

Learn about Operations and Planning (O&P) and the complexity of the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) 693 O&P Reliability Standards. Join the bootcamp!

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Strategic Solutions that Improve Return on Investment

Distinctive Difference



Company founded by a former senior executive at the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC)


40+ years experience in electric utility industry; 14 years focusing on NERC regulatory compliance and enforcement
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Our Experts

Hand-picked technical experts who served in senior regulatory and technical roles in electric utilities across North America


Unique strategic solutions that are adapted to your organization's needs and regulatory requirements


Entity experience with more than 300 ERO-level compliance and enforcement engagements covering all facets of operations, planning and CIP


Strategic partnerships with compliance software platform technology organizations such as SigmaFlow, AssurX and Global Audit Ready
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What our Clients say about us?

"Earl Shockley and INPOWERD have been strategic partners with Lubbock’s efforts to move 70% of our load and three generation resource plants from the Eastern Interconnection to the Texas Interconnection.  Earl’s experience with electric distribution, transmission, and generation assets and how those assets can achieve maximum compliance with federal, regional, and state entities..."

Chris Sims, Director of Grid Control & Compliance

City of Lubbock, Lubbock Power and Light

“I’m very pleased to recommend Earl Shockley as a consultant. I have worked closely with Earl for the past fourteen months on several important NERC Operations projects. Not only has he been a key player on our team, but he’s also become a trusted colleague. Earl’s skills and leadership qualities would make him an invaluable addition to your team.

INPOWERD’s team can effectively plan, create, and build NERC 693 and CIP programs and content for their clients. He’s an excellent writer and editor and is skilled in translating technical information into engaging content...”

Rick Gillean, Operations Manager, Rayburn Electric Cooperative

"We contacted INPOWERD based on a recommendation from a legal firm who had used Earl as an expert witness on a NERC enforcement issue. Long story short, our organization, although supported by a well know NERC consulting firm, had failed in three keys areas during a recent compliance audit, we were desperate for the right compliance strategy.

When I made the call to INPOWERD, I recognized Earl as former NERC executive who I had met at several NERC Compliance Workshops..." 

Senior Executive, East Coast Power Utility