INPOWERD NERC 693/O&P Bootcamp

Training on integration of NERC O&P regulations and real-time operation of the Bulk Electric System (BES).

Unleashing the Power of NERC Operations & Planning (O&P)

Are you ready to dive into the dynamic world of Operations and Planning (O&P) and the complexity of the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) 693 O&P Reliability Standards? Look no further! Our boot camp developed and facilitated by a former NERC senior executive and led by seasoned certified instructors is your gateway to understanding the intricacies of grid reliability, compliance, and sustainable compliance programs.

What is NERC O&P?

NERC plays a pivotal role in ensuring the reliability, security, and resilience of our electric grid. The NERC O&P Reliability Standards are the backbone of this mission, governing everything from day-to-day operations to long-term planning. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a curious newcomer, this boot camp will equip you with essential knowledge.

NERC Bootcamp training class
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NERC Bootcamp trainers

Who Should Attend?

This boot camp caters to a diverse audience:

  • Compliance Managers, Coordinators, and Analysts: Stay ahead of the curve by mastering NERC O&P compliance and evidence quality.
  • Generation and Transmission BES Asset Owners: Enhance your understanding of NERC O&P standards and contribute to the Resiliency of the Bulk Electric System (BES).
  • Grid Operators and Planners: Enhance your understanding of NERC O&P standards and how your role is the guardian of organizational reliability and compliance success.
  • Compliance Officers and Executives: Stay ahead of the curve by mastering O&P requirements and learn how your oversite role is a critical element to controlling the outcome of compliance objectives.
  • Engineers & NERC Subject Matter Experts: Dive deep into compliance requirements and bolster your expertise. Learn to articulate your program effectively to management and auditors.
  • Industry Enthusiasts: If you’re passionate about compliance and grid reliability, this boot camp is for you!

Why attend our BootCamp?

  • Preeminent: We are the preeminent NERC 693 O&P boot camp in the energy sector. The program was developed by a former NERC senior executive who was one of key architects of the Electric Reliability Cooperation (ERO) Risk Based Compliance and Monitoring program, and other ERO programs such as the event analysis and lessons learned program, and the compliance investigations program. Our 200-page student manual is an artifact of this knowledge.
  • Foundational Knowledge: Our intensive program provides a solid foundation in NERC O&P standards. Understand the regulatory landscape, terminology, and historical context behind the formation of the ERO.
  • Challenging Standards: Dive deep into the entire 693 O&P portfolio and learn how they are intertwined with everyday operations and planning. Learn from real-world team exercises that lead you through the complexity and the ever-changing regulatory requirements. Strengthen your understanding of how to read and apply the most violated and complex O&P standards.
  • Audits and Compliance: Learn the criteria auditors use to determine compliance during audits, the tools they use and how they apply professional judgment. Prepare your compliance program for success during NERC audits. Master your approach to using designing and documenting internal controls and best practices to gain regulatory confidence.
  • Risk Mitigation: Acquire skills for risk assessment and mitigation. Explore strategies to safeguard grid reliability.
  • Discovery: discover the many interdepartmental interdependencies required to effectively address the complexity of the standards and how they impact your organization. This allows you to better apply your knowledge effectively in your organization.

Your Instructors

Earl Shockley is a talented leader, senior executive, and entrepreneur with over four decades of industry experience. He has established himself across North America as an inspirational and passionate mentor of a regulatory strategy that simplifies the complexity around the Reliability Standards and the programs he helped develop. Earl is a sought-after public speaker, certified instructor and serves as a personal leadership and strategy coach for CEOs, COOs, CFOs, CIOs, executive teams, and frontline leaders in the energy sector. Earl’s development of this bootcamp and a formal leadership program are stand outs in the industry.

Drawing inspiration from hundreds of engagements with organizations as a NERC regulator, board member, and founder of the successful consulting firm INPOWERD LLC, Earl discusses in depth the key success principles organizations use for compliance sustainability and operational success. The INPOWERD NERC 693 Boot Camp brings a fresh perspective to building compliance teams and successfully making operations planning and compliance more coterminous.

Sam Austin is a highly experienced former certified System Operator and Nuclear Reactor Operator with over three and a half decades of industry experience. Sam is a certified instructor and spent many years developing and delivering training programs. Sam joined INPOWERD two years ago after retiring at the Tennessee Vally Authority and quickly applied his deep operating skill set to facilitating the development of client systematic training programs for system operators, conducting mock audits and is a key instructor in the INPOWERD NERC 693 O&P boot Camp.

Sam’s leadership, calm delivery demeanor and infectious passion for doing things the right way are well respected across North America. He was actively involved in SERC regional operating committees, standard drafting teams and leading compliance preparation efforts at TVA.

NERC Bootcamp trainers
training class smiling faces
NERC Bootcamp training class

Course Objectives

Terminal Objective

Upon completion of the Bootcamp, training participants will be able to understand the complex integration of NERC regulatory requirements and real-time operation and planning of the Bulk Electric System (BES). Ensure compliance teams are fluid in their understanding of power system operations and planning, the purpose of the 693 Reliability Standards, the expectations of regulatory auditors, and the documentation of quality evidence to show effective execution during compliance audits.

Enabling Objectives

  • Understand the noteworthy events and the formation of the current ERO regulatory structure.
  • Identify the roles and functions of FERC, NERC, Regions, PUCs, RTO’s ISO’s, NERC functional registrations, and the supporting role of company Subject Matter Experts (SMEs).
  • Demonstrate a functional knowledge of power system planning, modeling, operations, and maintenance of Facilities and how the NERC 693 standards apply to everyday business operations.
  • Demonstrate through dynamic exercises knowledge of 693 related NERC Standards and requirements from development through implementation and how they relate to BES risk factors.
  • Apply NERC 693 Standards in a way that ensures a registered entity maintains sustainable compliance with applicable requirements while operating the BES.
  • Apply internal control frameworks to the NERC regulatory objectives.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the ERO compliance audit process and how to prepare for audit related regulatory interviews.
  • How to Identify and produce quality evidence in support of the NERC 693 requirements.
  • The workshop includes a Syllabus, 200-page student manual, a Boot Camp Notebook, Fingertip Matrixes, slide presentations and is tooled to specific regions and interconnections.  

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What do Our past students say?

"If you are new to compliance - this bootcamp is a must.

"This workshop would be a valuable tool before a NERC Sys Op exam".

"Needs to be part of a company's on-boarding process for registered entities".

"Valuable training for new and experience compliance personnel".

"Helpful tools and resources, excellent handouts".

"Loved the Student Manual!".

"Lots of engaging exercises".

"Instructors were great".

"Outstanding Class!".

"Would highly recommend to others that are significantly involved".

"Great atmosphere and learning environment".

"A much quicker way to learn about the regulatory world".

"Exercises helped to think about SME compliance applicability".

"I would like this training annually at my company"

"Excellent instructors, tailored to the needs of the group"

"Respect given to different perspectives was valuable"

"Effectively met the objectives and needs of the students"

"NERC experience, background and overviews were perfect"

"Good insight into auditors point of view"

"Very open communication and dialog"

"The exercises made us think differently, great for collaboration"

"I looked forward to class each day"

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Details about the class location, equipment, duration, timing, and format:

  • Your laptop or tablet is necessary, can be work or personal, no software will be installed
  • Hotel/class location is Le Meridien, Denver, CO (discounted room registration link)
  • Class will run from Tuesday through mid-day on Friday
  • Each day will run from 8:30-5:00, except Friday, which will run until noon
  • Format is classroom style, in a typical classroom layout, in a hotel conference room
  • Breakfast and lunch are provided each day of class (let us know about allergies/intolerances)
  • Printed workbook provided with slides and space for notes
  • Multiple breaks throughout the day
  • Internet will be provided during class
  • Certificate of completion provided for attendees who attend the full class


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