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NERC Compliance Solutions

Internal Compliance Program Development

Strengthening internal compliance programs to reduce regulatory risk

Compliance Program, Mock Audits & Gap Analysis

Independent assessments that ensure your organization is prepared for NERC audit engagements

Internal Control Evaluations & Assessments

Evaluations focusing on ability to manage reliability and regulatory risk with associated internal risk control systems

Compliance Program Managed Services

Complete third party management of a client's NERC compliance

NERC 693 Reliability Standards BOOTCAMP Workshop

Translating NERC Reliability Standards into actionable strategies for Operations & Planning, see Bootcamp page

Registration & Certification

Assisting with registration changes, transitions, and certification reviews by NERC

Enforcement & Mitigation

Assisting with enforcement of Self-Reports, Self-Certifications, Mitigation Plans, Settlements and Penalties

Documentation, Evidence & RSAWs

Development and assessment of existing materials supporting compliance

Risk Management Solutions

Enterprise Risk Management

Strategic identification of enterprise-level regulatory risks & latent organizational weaknesses

Regulatory Risk Strategy

Strategic identification of regulatory risks & latent organizational weaknesses

Risk Assessments

Identifying and evaluating potential risks that may be involved in a project or activity

Internal Risk Controls

Internal control systems that establish control mechanisms around your systems, processes and people

Physical & Cyber Security Risk Strategy

Physical and Cyber Security solutions, including: supply chain cyber risk strategy development; security technology advisement

Human Performance Optimization

Identifying error-likely situations and opportunities for human performance improvement

Root Cause Analysis

Problem-solving techniques that help identifying true root causes while offering the needed support

Strategic Consulting Solutions

Organizational Change Management

Systematic approach to managing change that requires people to learn new behaviors and skills

Cultural Maturity Assessments

Evaluation of current state of cultural health based on principles of Intelligent Empowerment

Strategic Plans

Business start-up; marketing planning; marketing penetration strategies;
business operating plans

Leadership training - Executive Coaching

Leadership Program with targeted coaching for executives, frontline leaders and future thought leaders, see Resources tab for details

Training And Facilitation

Development and facilitation of training programs to prepare your team to meet operational and regulatory objectives

Technical Writing

Simplifying complexity for end users. Policies, procedures, technical manuals, reference guides, etc.

Relevant Experience

Relevant Experience

Within Last 6 Months

As Direct Employees

As Consultants

As Auditors

NERC Standard Enforcement

Internal Compliance Program Framework Design & Implementation

CIP Compliance Program Design

693 Compliance Program Design

Physical Security Planning

Security Management

Security Classification

NERC Functional Registration

Risk Management, Risk Assessments

Internal Controls Evaluation, design development

Policy, Procedure and Process Writing

Documentation & Evidence Management

NERC Regulatory Training

Regulatory Violation Mitigation

Audit/Mock Audit/Audit Prep

Root Cause Analysis

Relevant Facilities

Large Registered Entities

Medium Registered Entities

Small Registered Entities

Independent System Operators (ISOs)

Energy Control Centers

Hydroelectric Generation

Fossil Generation

Nuclear Generation

Solar Generation

Wind Generation

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