Critical Assets Podcast - FERC's new INSM Order 887


Earl Shockley

Hear from an electric utility asset owner on what this Order means for the industry and what you should do next.

About the Author

Patrick Miller

Patrick Miller

Owner and CEO, Ampere Industrial Security

Short Bio

Patrick Miller has dedicated his career to the protection and defense of critical infrastructures. Patrick is a trusted independent security and regulatory advisor for industrial control systems worldwide. Patrick is the CEO of AMPERE Industrial Security; AMPERE and INPOWERD formed a strategic alliance to bring clients a greater level of technical expertise across the operational and security disciplines. In addition to his role at AMPERE, Mr. Miller is also the founder, director, and president emeritus of EnergySec and US. Coordinator for the Industrial Cybersecurity Center. Patrick is the former Manager of CIP Audits and Investigations; at Western Electricity Coordinating Council (WECC) where he led many regional entity compliance audits and investigations. He is a globally recognized speaker, panelist and thought leader on subjects of critical infrastructure protection, industrial control system security, regulatory compliance, information security, audit, and privacy. Patrick was instrumental in the establishment of the NERC CIP standards in the US as a drafting team member and first CIP auditor in the nation.

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