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Earl Shockley

The INPOWERD NERC 693/O&P Bootcamp provides essential foundational knowledge of power system operations and planning, the current FERC/NERC regulatory compliance framework and obligations, the roles, and responsibilities of regulated entities and how Reliability Standards are integrated with of compliance and business operations. The workshop/training empowers Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and fosters a better understanding of the purpose of the 693 standards and the required evidence needed to support a sustainable compliance program.

The NERC O&P Bootcamp consists of 3 days of interactive classroom instruction led by Earl Shockley who during his four decades in the electric utility industry spent almost a decade at the North American Electric Reliability Cooperation (NERC). Earl was a Senior Executive responsible for developing and directing key Electric Reliability Organization (ERO) compliance and reliability programs at NERC. Sam Austin will assist with the training; his experience includes almost four decades in the electric utility industry including certifications as a Nuclear Plant Operator and System Operator. Both Earl and Sam are certified technical trainers and facilitators.

Terminal Objective

Upon completion of the Bootcamp, training participants will be able to understand the complex integration of NERC regulatory requirements and real-time operation and planning of the Bulk Electric System (BES). Ensure compliance teams are fluid in their understanding of power system operations and planning, the purpose of the 693 Reliability Standards, the expectations of regulatory auditors, and the documentation of quality evidence to show effective execution during compliance audits.

Enabling Objectives

Understand the noteworthy events and the formation of the current ERO regulatory structure.

Identify the roles and functions of FERC, NERC, Regions, PUCs, RTO’s ISO’s, NERC functional registrations, and the supporting role of company Subject Matter Experts (SMEs).

Demonstrate a functional knowledge of power system planning, modeling, operations, and maintenance of Facilities and how the NERC 693 standards apply to everyday business operations.

Demonstrate through dynamic exercises knowledge of 693 related NERC Standards and requirements from development through implementation and how they relate to BES risk factors.

Apply NERC 693 Standards in a way that ensures a registered entity maintains sustainable compliance with applicable requirements while operating the BES.

Apply internal control frameworks to the NERC regulatory objectives.

Demonstrate knowledge of the ERO compliance audit process and how to prepare for audit related regulatory interviews.

How to Identify and produce quality evidence in support of the NERC 693 requirements.

The workshop includes a Syllabus, 180-page student manual, a Boot Camp Notebook, Fingertip Matrixes, slide presentations and is tooled to specific regions and interconnections.  

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Various Testimonials:

"If you are new to compliance - this bootcamp is a must.

"This workshop would be a valuable tool before a NERC Sys Op exam".

"Needs to be part of a company's on-boarding process for registered entities".

"Valuable training for new and experience compliance personnel".

"Helpful tools and resources, excellent handouts".

"Loved the Student Manual!".

"Lots of engaging exercises".

"Instructors were great".

"Outstanding Class!".

"Would highly recommend to others that are significantly involved".

"Great atmosphere and learning environment".

"A much quicker way to learn about the regulatory world".

"Exercises helped to think about SME compliance applicability".

About the Author

Earl Shockley

Earl Shockley

President and Founder of INPOWERD

Short Bio

Earl is a former senior executive with NERC. He is the developer of “Intelligent Empowerment” principles and a Cultural Maturity Scale (CMS) system/framework that aligns people, processes and management practices to maximize organizational potential and better achieve strategic objectives. At NERC, Earl was instrumental in NERC’s shift from a “zero defect” compliance and enforcement approach to one that focuses on an organizations inherent risk and ability to manage reliability risk with internal control systems. Public speaker and expert witness on complex issues involving regulatory compliance, organizational culture change, risk management, internal risk control systems, and event causal analysis.

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