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Earl Shockley


The INPOWERD Leadership experience allows high-potential leaders to build emotional awareness, leadership habits, learning agility, and cognitive communication skills. Participants will be stimulated by innovative leadership philosophy and challenged by the creation of a personal leadership philosophy.

The Program maximizes relationship and culture development, team productivity, change management strategies, while driving innovation and strategic thinking.

Using hands-on exercises and dynamic discussions, participants learn core and adaptive leadership theories and best practices to help navigate complex challenges and capitalize on emerging opportunities.

While most leadership programs are analytical in nature, our principle-based methods are founded on experienced driven lessons learned using a variety of innovative educational formats that have been proven to be stimulating and effective. They are interactive and provide a dynamic, conducive, and enjoyable environment for adult learning to take place.

A series of real-life exercises and activities encourages participation and keeps the program interesting and involving. All participation is rewarded in an atmosphere of acceptance and with respect for people's experience and background.


At INPOWERD our leadership programs are tailored to suit your specific needs and to address various organizational and personnel goals and objectives. We believe that our program is as much a personal development program as a Leadership program. This is because, ultimately, an organization can only provide exceptional leadership if it is staffed by people with exceptional attitudes, beliefs and understanding of themselves and others.

Program content includes one-on-one mentorship/coaching for assigned individuals. Participants will be asked to contribute their perspective to the ongoing discussions. The program requires a commitment of time and focused energy. Participants will take away an experience, not just content.

The following sessions are included as the core leadership curriculum for the program:


1.    Introduction to Program

2.    Self-evaluation (includes participant assessments and 360 feedback)

3.    Content of Character

4.    Conflict Management

5.    Emotional Intelligence

6.    Work Life Harmony

7.    Highly Functioning Teams

8.    Relationship Models

9.    Organizational Trust

10. Leadership Communication

11. Compelling Presentations

12. Ethical Decision Making

13. Empathy as a Leadership Tool

14. Organizational Fragmentation

15. Managing Ego

16. Strategies for Leading Successful Change (coming soon)

17. Shaping up Problem Solving Strategies (coming soon)

A full Syllabus and pamphlet describing the program will be provided upon request. Please call us for pricing and availability.

Presenter Information

The Program is conducted by Earl W. Shockley President and Founder of INPOWERD is a former national level executive and current owner of a successful consulting firm. Earl has a long professional association with top tier leaders and executives in the energy sector. He has delivered leadership training and provided personal coaching over the past 15 years to individuals, start-ups, small, medium, and large organizations. Earl is also a certified technical trainer/facilitator.


"Before we hired Earl as an executive coach, our team was very chaotic in our approach to emotional intelligence, work life balance, organizational trust, communication, conflict management, change management, and empathic leadership. He has since personally coached our executive staff and director level employees. We also hired him to work directly with our frontline leaders."

President and CEO, East Coast Utility

"Not only is Earl a nationally known ex-regulator, speaker, and thought leader, he is a man committed to serving his fellow veterans. Earl has coached me and several other veterans (Pro bono) through a transition from military to civilian life. He understands the struggles we experience and continues to experience. He really listens, and his guidance and support are something I treasure.

Former U.S. Army Soldier, Dallas Texas

"Earl has served as a team conflict mediator and a leadership coach for our staff for the past several years. He is a principle-based leader who walks the walk and talks the talk. Our team has grown significantly in emotional intelligence and empathy in the time he has spent with us."

Senior Director, Atlanta GA

About the Author

Earl Shockley

Earl Shockley

President and Founder of INPOWERD

Short Bio

Earl is a former senior executive with NERC. He is the developer of “Intelligent Empowerment” principles and a Cultural Maturity Scale (CMS) system/framework that aligns people, processes and management practices to maximize organizational potential and better achieve strategic objectives. At NERC, Earl was instrumental in NERC’s shift from a “zero defect” compliance and enforcement approach to one that focuses on an organizations inherent risk and ability to manage reliability risk with internal control systems. Public speaker and expert witness on complex issues involving regulatory compliance, organizational culture change, risk management, internal risk control systems, and event causal analysis.

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